Saturday, April 24, 2010

FL: Shop owner shoots robbery suspects: "A store owner had to turn into a real crime fighter when he was confronted by a trio of suspected robbers. Miami Police said, Omar Rangel was forced to defend himself and shoot at the robbery suspects Friday morning, hitting two of them. The third fled the scene on foot. One robber dropped a gun as he fled the scene. The men attempted to rob the Okay Auto Tire Service along Northwest 46th Street and Second Avenue in Miami... According to investigators, Rangel was inside his business with other employees and a visitor when three men barged into the shop. "[They] forced four of the employees to the ground at gunpoint," said Miami Police Officer Jeff Giordano. As subjects began to search all of the victims' pants pockets, Mr. Rangel drew his own firearm and shot at the subjects."

NY: Pistol packin' 61-year-old fends off thieves: "There was another shooting in the city overnight but this one had a twist on recent violence. Police say two men jumped another man with a knife on Tubman Street and tried to rob him. It turns out that the victim was carrying a legally registered handgun. He pulled it out and fired one shot. Police say the robbers ran away, knowing the man meant business. The victim told police he didn't think he hit anyone. Police are not identifying him because the robbers are still at large."

Spain: Businessman found not guilty of murder after shooting dead two thieves: "A Valencia businessman, Francisco Ramirez, who killed two burglars who broke into his villa in January 2006, has been found not guilty after the court accepted his plea of self-defence. The case against him had been brought by the widows of the two deceased. He told the court he fired his gun fearing for his own life, and the court noted that he had a licence for the pistol he used."

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