Friday, April 09, 2010

Oregon man scares off attacker with warning shot: "A 55-year-old Forest Grove man narrowly escaped a brawl with a drunk 21-year-old from Cornelius early Wednesday morning by firing a warning shot from his pistol while he was pinned, Police said. John McKnight was walking his dog on the 1700 block of Elm Street about a half-hour after midnight Wednesday when he was accosted by a trio of inebriated young men. McKnight said the three men assailed him with insults and continued to threaten him. McKnight then drew a .38 caliber pistol and told the trio to back down. Police say Michael W. Ryan III, a Cornelius man with no fixed address, then said he didn’t believe the gun was loaded, and began to assault McKnight. McKnight told police that Ryan had him in a sleeper hold and he felt that he was losing consciousness when he fired a shot from his revolver near Ryan’s head. Only then did the young man back off, Police said."

WA: Two neighbors shoot aggressive intruder: "Detectives now say that a 35-year-old man who broke into a home Wednesday was shot by both the homeowner and a neighbor in self-defense. Grant told detectives he was awakened to the sound of the suspect breaking out the windows of his van. When Vern went downstairs to investigate, the burglar began smashing his way through the sliding glass door. Vern told detectives he called a neighbor for help, but was hit on the head by the suspect in the process. The neighbor arrived, saw the broken out door and saw Grant covered in blood from a head injury, was holding a gun. The suspect allegedly made a move toward Grant, who then fired one shot, hitting the man in the shoulder. Grant left the house to get help, with the neighbor holding the suspect at gunpoint with his own gun. At some point, the suspect moved toward the neighbor. The neighbor fired a shot, hitting the suspect in the leg. The suspect stayed down until sheriff's deputies arrived.

SD: Gunman shot with own gun: "An alcohol-fueled argument led to the second homicide in three days in Sioux Falls, and the fact that alcohol was involved has made it difficult for police to figure out exactly what happened. Anthony Kevin Hennings, 24, of Sioux Falls was killed with a .38-caliber pistol in an early morning shooting Thursday after reportedly threatening a man and a woman with the gun, police spokesman Sam Clemens said. "What we know is that the victim had the gun, the suspect was able to get the gun away from the victim and it went off," he said. The rest of the details are sketchy. The man who wrestled the gun away from Hennings is in custody for a parole violation, but he has not been charged with any crime related to the shooting"

States exempting guns from rules now total 7: "Joining a nationwide effort to challenge Washington's authority, Idaho Gov. Butch Otter today made his state the seventh to exempt guns made and kept in the state from any federal regulations. House Bill 589 was listed today on Otter's website among legislation that had been signed into law. The governor added Idaho to the list of states that have adopted what has become known as "Firearm Freedom Acts." The movement began in Montana, where a court case was filed seeking affirmation that the state – and not bureaucrats in the nation's capital – has the right to manage in-state issues and actions. Idaho's legislation cites the Second, Ninth and 10th Amendments as justification for its exemption, as well as the Constitution's Commerce Clause."

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