Friday, April 23, 2010

MS: Shooting ruled self defense: "According to investigators, 41-year-old Wilford Seymour was at home asleep when 37-year-old Paul Mahaffuy showed up at this home "in a jealous rage." Police say, Seymour went to the door and the Mahaffuy struck Seymour in the face with a hammer. Seymour then tried to close the door, and Mahaffuy followed him inside his home. Seymour then picked up a gun, fired one round and killed Mahaffuy. Police say alcohol did play a role in this altercation. At this time, no charges will be filed against Seymour; however, evidence is being sent to the state crime lab."

Oklahoma on verge of passing pro-gun law : "A bill exempting guns and ammunition made in Oklahoma from federal regulation passed the state Legislature and is on its way to the governor, lawmakers say. Proponents of the bill in Oklahoma City say the Constitution’s interstate commerce clause stipulates the federal government can only regulate gun sales involving commerce across state lines, The Oklahoman reported Wednesday. Weapons manufactured and sold within a single state do not come under federal oversight, they say.”

Gun rights freak DC Democrats: "Democrats withdrew a bill on Tuesday to give the District the voting rights it has long sought in the House of Representatives, saying the "price was too high" after learning of Republican plans to introduce an amendment that would eviscerate the city's gun laws.... Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, the District's nonvoting representative, said House Democratic leaders over the weekend received an updated Republican amendment that would have gone much further than the one attached to the Senate bill. She said the new amendment would have barred city officials in the nation's capital from enacting laws that would restrict concealed or open carry of guns, diminished the authority of the city's police chief to deny concealed-carry licenses, and prohibited city leaders from preventing guns from being taken into city buildings."

California: Open Carry Ban on the Horizon? "Democratic assembly-woman Lori Saldana of San Diego has authored a bill which would effectively eliminate the open carry of firearms. A shocking twist in the debate over California gun rights, such measures would ultimately remove the ability of Californians to defend themselves from like threats. As many residents and non-residents are aware California is already a “May-Issue” State with regards to concealed carry licensing and now their only means of lawfully carrying a firearm is under attack. While open carry advocates have urged their legislators to make concealed carry and other laws to put those who are scared by the sight of an openly-toted, unloaded firearm at ease, responses from the Assembly have been more reactionary than pro-gun advocates expected."

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