Friday, April 02, 2010

TX: Dead jewelry store robber IDd: "Juan Luis Martinez was the man shot and killed during an attempted robbery Wednesday, San Angelo police said. Fingerprint analysis conducted at the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office positively identified the 20-year-old San Angelo man Thursday afternoon. Martinez entered Cano’s Diamonds, 2705 Sherwood Way, about 1 p.m. Wednesday with a handgun in an attempt to rob the store, police said Thursday. He and store personnel exchanged gunfire, and Martinez was killed.... No one had been charged in the shooting as of Thursday evening."

Lawmakers move to stop Omaha gun rule: "Nebraska lawmakers want to force the city of Omaha to stop requiring those with concealed-carry gun permits to register their firearms with the city. On Monday, they passed an amendment that would stop the practice in Omaha. The approval of the amendment follows an opinion from Attorney General Jon Bruning’s office on Friday that Omaha has been violating state law by forcing people who have permits to carry concealed guns to also register their guns. The formal opinion said Omaha’s rule isn’t allowed under a law that bars cities from preventing concealed-carry permit holders from carrying concealed guns inside city limits.”

Heller’s offspring: "These are the offspring of Heller: A woman contends her small stature makes her an appealing target for criminals but says she was turned down for a concealed-carry handgun permit by the Sacramento County sheriff. A Californian man, born without an arm below the right elbow, argues that the state’s roster of ‘approved’ handguns precludes him from being able to buy a left-handed Glock. An American man who now lives in Canada would like to purchase guns in the U.S. to store at his relatives’ home in Mount Vernon, Ohio, to use for sporting and self-defense. All are now plaintiffs in suits that were filed in the wake of the June 2008 District of Columbia v. Heller ruling.”

Arizona guns, ammo not subject to federal law: "State lawmakers have given final approval to legislation designed to let Arizonans buy, sell and manufacture guns and bullets while thumbing their nose at the federal government. A measure sent to Gov. Jan Brewer on Tuesday spells out that any firearm or ammunition manufactured in the state ‘is not subject to federal law or federal regulation. … To qualify, though, the guns or bullets need to have been made entirely in Arizona ‘without the inclusion of any significant parts imported from another state. Queries to gubernatorial press aide Paul Senseman … on the measure were not returned. But Brewer has portrayed herself as a strong proponent of the rights of individuals to carry guns to protect themselves.”

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