Friday, January 07, 2011

DE: 'Fed up' 82-year-old held alleged thieves at gunpoint: "Harper says he was just getting up Dec. 10 at another house he owns a few miles away in Ogletown, when his son David, 53, called from work in Dover. His son said a friend who works near the Chapman Road house called him saying thieves were robbing the place, he said. Harper -- an Army veteran who served as a combat engineer and instructor -- grabbed his gun before driving over. "It's a .22 Magnum ... a target pistol worth about $250, $200," he said. Minutes later, Harper said, he saw his stolen things in the truck and two men getting into it. "They parked at the apartments because the drive to my house was cabled," he said. Walking to the men, gun in hand, Harper said, he yelled, "I'm an excellent shot and can shoot out your eyes at 60 paces." He fired once at the driver's side front tire and stopped about 6 feet in front of the truck. "I said, 'If it moves toward me, the driver gets one right between the eyes,' " he said. After that, he added, "they didn't give me much guff." Harper was not charged in the incident."

Gun helps judge deals with home break-in: "A Duluth judge began 2011 as a crime victim but took command of the situation by grabbing a .45-caliber Glock from his safe and subduing a man who broke into his family’s Piedmont Heights home on New Year’s Day. Sixth Judicial District Judge Shaun Floerke intercepted a 26-year-old Duluth man who entered his home by breaking a window about 3 a.m. Saturday. The police report said the suspect was so intoxicated he couldn’t talk and he refused to submit to a breath test, said police spokesman Jim Hansen. The suspect is being held in the St. Louis County Jail on $10,000 bail. He’s booked on preliminary charges of third-degree criminal damage to property and trespassing."

GA woman shoots intruders: "About 8:30 Thursday morning Dihanna McCullock went into her office at the Paradise Village Mobile home park off Holly Drive, where she is the manager, and suddenly was in a fight for her life-- against a man who had broken in through a back window. Another man, wearing some sort of badge on his shirt, had tried to talk to McCullock before she went into her office, but she went inside. Now while she was fighting the man with a butcher knife, that man also burst into her office with a gun, and started shooting. "He shot. And I shot him. Wherever he's at he's wounded, somewhere," McCullock said. McCullock carries 'the Judge' in a holster. It's a pistol that shoots a shotgun shell as well as .45 caliber bullet. McCullock said the robber's bullet just grazed her right arm. She fired back a shotgun blast at point blank range. The two robbers took off running, dropping her wallet and the knife. The robber who was possibly wounded, is black, about 5-foot-7, weighing more than 250 pounds, in his late 40's. The second robber is also black, in his late 20's."

FL: Teen Shot While Trying To Rob Couple: "The attempted robbery and shooting took place near South Texas Avenue and Americana Boulevard as a couple was returning to their home at the Royal Grande Apartments. According to Orange County sheriff's deputies, two robbers -- one of whom had a gun -- approached the couple and demanded their cell phones and wallets. One of the assailants fled during the incident, and the man got into a scuffle with the armed bandit, deputies said. The victim told deputies that the gun fired during the fight, striking the robber in the arm. The man then ordered the culprit to the ground, and the culprit said, "Hey man, I'm only 15 years old," according to deputies. The victim then turned to check on his girlfriend, and the teen ran away, deputies said. The couple was not injured."

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