Saturday, January 08, 2011

OK: Homeowner shoots man breaking in dog door: "Police say the suspect made his way into the home in a very unconventional way, climbing through the dog door. Oklahoma City Police Lt. Kevin Parton says, "He was opening and closing the door to make sure he could get out of the house when he was confronted by the homeowner." The homeowner was armed and fired several rounds at the man. Hours later, 44-year-old Dung Troung walked into a nearby convenience store. Master Sergeant Gary Knight says, "The clerk noticed the man had been shot. He called 911. Officers got there and realized this guy fits the description perfectly of the guy involved in the burglary. Truong was taken into custody on one count of first degree burglary."

AL: Self-defense led to shooting of teen: "Police say an act of self-defense led to a Priceville teen being shot. Priceville Police Chief Billy Peebles says several cars of teenagers drove to a house on Friendship Road around 3:30 p.m. Thursday to start a fight with another group of teens. An argument started and witnesses say Chase Mason, 19, of Priceville, pulled out a gun and fired several shots at the teens who live in the house. Chief Peebles say that's when the homeowner, Kendal Walls, fired back with a shotgun, hitting two of the cars. The driver of one of those cars, Colton Loggins, 18, was hit in the neck. Mason, who also lives on Friendship Road, was arrested and charged with attempted murder and first degree assault. Mason is currently in the Morgan County jail on a $200,000 bond. At last check, Loggins was in serious condition at Huntsville Hospital."

W.Va.: Woman shoots mother's boyfriend: "Police say a woman is being questioned in the shooting of her mother's boyfriend. According to St. Albans Police, Onda Womack called her daughter, Dana Womack, after she and Roger Cobb had an argument at the Kanawha County Apartment Complex. Dana Womack told police that she shot Cobb after he attacked her. She immediately called 911 after the shooting. She told police it was in self-defense. Captain James Agee says all signs point to that. She is being questioned by police. Captain Agee says any charges will be decided by the prosecutor's office. Roger Cobb's condition hasn't been released."

NH: Gun stops intruder at lawmaker's home: "Police say Eldon Spikes, 20, broke into the home of Representative Peter T. Hansen, 67, who ended up holding Spikes at gunpoint until police arrived. Hansen said he heard noises downstairs late Tuesday night and found that someone had broken into a rear door. Spikes didn't flee when the Hansen encountered him. "He walked across the kitchen, went into the mud room and laid down on the floor -- he was shoeless -- and he claimed he'd been shot," Hansen said. He added, "I think he was probably quite high on drugs." Spikes has been charged with criminal mischief and trespassing."

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