Wednesday, January 26, 2011

OH: Invalid shoots aggressive acquaintance: "One man is dead after a shooting in Gallia County Sunday night. Now, the sheriff says he's investigating all sides of the story involving a fatal shotgun blast from a frail cancer patient. Medicated and in chemotherapy, Ray Fillinger says he had no choice but to fire when a man he knew barged into his home Sunday afternoon. "He threatened me physically and threatened to take a belt to my daughter," Fillinger said. Fillinger says he's known Ralph Dempsey for a year and a half, but the threats from Dempsey just began recently. Fillinger says Dempsey showed up Sunday afternoon at his rural John's Creek Road home, and the threats escalated. "He came inside," Fillinger said. "I told him to leave and quit threatening me. He said, 'I've got something for you' and reached behind his back. I raised my gun, didn't even aim and fired."

Law student sues University of Idaho over gun rights: "The University of Idaho is being sued by one of its law students who claims he should have the right to keep firearms in his on-campus apartment. Aaron Tribble, a second-year law student at the UI, is representing himself in the suit, which he filed last Tuesday in Latah County Second District Court. Tribble, 36, and his family live in one of the university’s South Hill Vista apartments for married students and students with children."

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