Saturday, January 22, 2011

MT: Fatal shooting deemed "justified self-defense": "The Mineral County Sheriff's Office is calling a December fatal shooting in DeBorgia a case of justified self-defense. Sergeant Bill Pandis says that on December 12th the Mineral County Sheriff's Office and the Montana Highway Patrol responded to a reported domestic disturbance at a DeBorgia home. Officers arrived on the scene to find Jack Finley dead from a gunshot wound to the chest. An investigation revealed Finley and his wife were fighting the night of the shooting and after the altercation, Finley called his step-son and asked him to come to his house. A short time after his step-son arrived, Finley ended up grabbing a shotgun and started threatening to kill his wife, the step-son, and himself. Finley then pointed the gun at his step-son. His step-son then pulled out his pistol and shot Finley.

VA: Wife cleared in slaying of husband: "A Spotsylvania County jury yesterday decided that Janay Majors was justified when she shot and killed her husband last year during a domestic altercation. Majors, 27, shot 32-year-old Anthony O'Brian Majors six times in what the defense successfully argued was self-defense. Among the defense witnesses called yesterday was Barbara Majors, the victim's mother. She testified that she had been concerned about her son's temper for some time and had urged him to get help for it. According to her statement to police, Brian Majors called her at 9:30 p.m., and told her not to come home. She went home anyway with their twin 18-month-old sons, and found him irate. She said he told her: "Tonight's the night you're going to die. I'm going to blow your [expletive] brains out." The woman ended up locking herself inside the master bedroom, and emptied her 9 mm pistol as her husband was trying to get in."

WV: Drug dealer killed robber in self defense: "William Horton Jr., 27, Shaquille Lewis, 16, and John Cottingham, 22, attempted to rob Hitchner's residence on June 26. Police said Cottingham and Hitchner got into an altercation while Hitchner was trying to retrieve the drugs "stashed" at his house. Cottingham had a gun on him and allegedly pistol-whipped Hitchner. Hitchner was able to wrestle the gun from Cottingham and shot him twice, killing him. A federal warrant was issued for Hitchner in September for drug charges. Hitchner was apprehended in North Carolina in December. Police say no charges have been filed against Hitchner at the state level because he acted in "self-defense".

Colo.: Greeley school board member can't take gun to meetings: "A Greeley radio personality and Board of Education member will not be allowed to bring a gun to future Board meetings. The Board voted 5-2 Thursday evening to hold all future meetings in Greeley-Evans district schools where, by current law, weapons are not allowed. Board member Brett Reese had asked for permission to carry a gun for self-protection. Reese, who airs a show on The Pirate, 104.7 FM in Greeley, has received a number of death threats since broadcasting a letter critical of Dr. Martin Luther King in the weeks leading up to the recent King holiday. "Guns do not kill people, people kill people," said Reese during Thursday's meeting as he called fellow Board members arrogant for not respecting his 2nd Amendment right to self-defense."

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