Wednesday, January 12, 2011

FL: No charges in Town 'n' Country shooting: "A Town 'n' Country man accused of shooting and killing a teenager during a confrontation in November has been cleared in the case. Baker, 28, told investigators he was out jogging when he came upon Mustelier and Mustelier's 16-year-old friend near Pinehurst Drive and Hickory Circle after 1 a.m. Baker told the sheriff's office he thought Mustelier was trying to rob him and appeared to be reaching for a gun. He said Mustelier struck him and he feared for his life. Baker fired several shots at Mustelier. Neither teen was armed. After the shooting, Mustelier's family and close friends insisted that he was not capable of robbing or harming anyone. However, statements made to police by the teen who was with Mustelier on the night of the shooting back up Baker's story. The friend told investigators "I seen Carlos lunge at him and swing and I seen the dude back up ... Baker, who has a concealed weapons permit, fired several shots."

FL: Suspect shot during robbery at Bill's Mini Mart: "January 10th, at approximately 10:00PM, the Tallahassee Police Department responded to a reported robbery at 1020 South Magnolia Drive (Bill's Mini Mart). Upon arrival, officers discovered 23 year-old Andrew Hale had been shot. Hale succumbed to his injuries after being transported to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Based on physical evidence and witness statements, the initial investigation indicates Hale entered the store brandishing what appeared to be a handgun and demanded cash from the clerk. The clerk retrieved his personal handgun and shot Hale. Moments after the shooting, the clerk observed what he believed to be a getaway-vehicle in the parking lot. The clerk exited the store and fired several more shots as the vehicle fled."

FL: Surveyor shoots back: "A group of men out to rob a surveyor on the job on Monday got a surprise when their intended victim opened fire on them, Miami police said. The surveyor, whose name has not been released, was working near Northwest 15th Avenue and 60th Street when a Nissan Maxima pulled up with three men inside, police spokesman Detective Willie Moreno said. One of the men flashed a gun while the others grabbed the surveyor's equipment, Moreno said. ``Fearing for his life, he produces a firearm and starts shooting,'' Moreno said. Under fire, the three men drove away in the Maxima, abandoned it a few blocks away and ran. Officers caught one of the men, who had been grazed by a bullet. The equipment was found inside the Maxima."

TX: Homeowner shoots suspected shingle thief: "It was a dramatic robbery that ended with a suspect, 23-year-old Arthur Amaya, being shot in the hip by homeowner Raul Rivera. Rivera's son-in-law is helping to build the house and says Sunday night his father-in-law got a call from neighbors saying someone was stealing from the home, which is currently under construction. Rivera arrived on the scene and confronted two men, firing shots at their truck, which police say was loaded with shingles. Rivera followed the truck, firing again, hitting Amaya in the hip. Amaya was not seriously hurt. He was arrested and charged with misdemeanor theft. All the stolen property has been returned. The homeowner is not being charged. The DA declined to file charges against him."

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