Wednesday, January 05, 2011

IA: Librarians Perturbed by New Gun Law

Frankly, when I go to the library, I usually don't pay a lot of attention to other folks.
A new gun law championed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) that took effect January 1 in Iowa has some librarians concerned that it will allow patrons to openly carry firearms in the library.[…]

"The new law does not allow any restrictions to be placed on permit holders," Duane Hildebrandt, the president of the Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association and a board member of the Sumner Public Library, told Library Journal. "Allowing open carry with no ability to require concealment is a concern that many sheriffs, including myself, have," he added.

Susan Craig, director of the Iowa City Public Library, told LJ that the new gun law came up as part of that library's recent Conduct Policy review and that after consulting with the city attorney the library is going to amend its policy to prohibit firearms in the library (concealed or otherwise). The policy will exempt police officers.

"Our reasoning is that a public library is similar to a school, and schools are exempt from the new law.... [W]e believe that many of our patrons would be concerned if they saw people carrying guns in the library," she said.
It seems to me that librarians are making a big deal out of a non-problem. I don't recall any instances of someone going postal in a library.

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