Sunday, January 30, 2011

IN: Homeowner Opens Fire, Shoots Burglar: "A homeowner on Indianapolis' south side shot a man who broke into his house early Thursday, police said. The homeowner told police he grabbed his gun when he heard glass breaking and found a man in a back bedroom. The homeowner opened fire, hitting the man in the buttocks, police said. The burglar, who police identified as Paul Burton, 47, was able to escape through a window, but he was arrested a short time later at his home in the 2700 block of Draper Street. Burton was transported to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. He was arrested in connection with the break-in."

TX: Shots in the air scare off car thief: "When a homeowner saw a suspect attempt to break into his Ford Expedition, he took actions into his own hands, police say. Shots were fired in the 2600 block of Mission Vista after the homeowner and his 3-year-old daughter awoke after 3 a.m. Wednesday from the sound of a car alarm and running engine. Police said the man got his gun and went outside to confront the suspected burglar, coming face-to-face with the barrel of the suspect's gun. The San Antonio Police Department said the homeowner fired three shots in the air to scare the suspect away. No one suffered injuries. Police have a search underway for a white pickup truck."

Good News Bad News for Gun Rights: "THE GOOD NEWS: U.S. Senate leaders agreed to adjourn the first legislative day of the 112th Congress, without a vote to change the rules to silence outspoken pro-gun advocates. This effectively ended the chances for anti-gun Obamacrats to prevent conservative heroes like Senator Rand Paul from using the filibuster as a tool to fight for your right to keep and bear arms. THE BAD NEWS: The Republicans in the Federal Congress, including Senator Tome Coburn, are taking a serious look at gun control because of the Arizona shootings. Please remember that Republicans cannot be trusted. In fact, Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has record of voting for anti-gun legislation. In 1993 as a Virginia state Delegate he voted to impose a one-gun-a-month gun purchase rationing scheme on Virginia’s gun owners. That same year he also voted to ban self-defense shot guns. Clearly Eric Cantor is eager to return to his former ways and curry favor with President Obama so he can spend more time at the White House in meetings with the powerful and connected."

Permits for hidden handguns from Utah: "Utah’s permit to carry a hidden handgun is recognized by 33 states. As a result, it’s popular. About 125,000 Americans who are not Utahns hold Utah permits. The Beehive State willingly undertakes the regulatory burden of policing these permits for non-Utahns to promote the carrying of guns for lawful self-defense. Recently, however, there has been another development that has discomfited gun-rights proponents in Utah. A couple of neighboring states, Nevada and New Mexico, have withdrawn their recognition of Utah’s permit. New Mexico objected that Utah does not require demonstrated proficiency with a firearm as a condition of a permit, while The Land of Enchantment does. But Sen. John Valentine, R-0rem, who has looked into the matter, says he thinks the rejections have more to do with states rights and revenues. Other states want to exercise the option of issuing their own permits and collecting the revenues."

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Anonymous said...

Fantasitc hey, at least there are some normal thinking people out there. I want Aussies to think the same way! I think those with guns SHOULD carry them anyway, so we don't have ANOTHER PORT ARTHUR IN AUSTRALIA.

Now who would OBJECT TO THAT? Only those that want another Port Arthur incident and don't want you to shoot thier "guy".

Wake up Australia, the system is a scam! The police CAN'T SAVE YOU, and won't save you. They are there to harass you for stupid victimless crimes and write tickets. They will show up AFTER the incident to draw a chalk line around your body and talk to your neighbours.