Monday, January 10, 2011

MI: Police say Lansing man kills possible burglar, 28: "A 28-year-old Lansing man was shot dead early Saturday in an incident that was reported to police as a home invasion. When they arrived on the scene, Brown said, police discovered that a man living in the home had shot the intruder in the residence. Brown said police still are investigating whether the incident occurred during a home invasion or whether it was a case of someone mistakenly entering the wrong residence. Brown said he was uncertain of additional details, including whether the home occupant may face potential charges. Michigan law has traditionally allowed homeowners to use force to protect themselves from an intruder in their own home - without any duty to retreat from the dwelling."

NH: Homeowner injured, intruder shot dead: "An intruder who apparently broke into the home of an 82-year-old Warner man and assaulted the elderly homeowner early Sunday later was found dead from a gunshot to the head. Gordon L. Smith, a well-known Warner native, was taken to a local hospital where he is being treated for minor injuries suffered during the incident that occurred about 3 a.m. in his 148 West Main St. home. Authorities said they do not know the name of the intruder, whom the describe as a man in his 20s. Authorities do not believe Smith knew the victim.

The curious case of the walking M-16s: "We now know, however, that the flow of weapons to the south is indeed, in part, coming from within the United States, not from dealers or their civilian customers, but specifically from the BATFE, which has been caught 'walking' weapons — recently five hundred semiautomatic AR-15 rifles — across the border into Mexico in order to 'boost' the statistics they have been using to try to limit our rights."

Celebrating a decade of grassroots gun activism: "It’s been ten years since Rev. Kenn Blanchard launched the URL, The provocative website announced a pro-gun primer of the same name that has been a stalwart introduction to gun rights from the view point of an African American firearms instructor for ten years. Blanchard has been involved in almost every event in the last ten years involving a person of color and gun legislation in the United States."

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