Tuesday, January 04, 2011

GA: Robber shot by victim: "The Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Department is investigating an attempted robbery that landed one person in the hospital. Officers were called to the Windsor Arms Apartments on Largo Drive around 7:30 Sunday evening in response to an attempted robbery. The victim told police he was walking across the parking lot when he was approached by a masked person with a gun. A struggle broke out and ended with the suspect running from the parking lot. The victim, Rafel Jackson, chased the suspect who turned at shot at him. Police say Jackson returned fire. Investigators say Deborah "Monique" Willis, 21, showed up at St. Joseph's/Candler Hospital with a gunshot wound. She is now charged in the robbery."

AL: Woman shoots husband: "A mother of two children says she shot her ex-husband in self-defense in the trailer they shared in Hayden, Ala. Authories in Blount County say Elsie Thomas shot Matt Allen with a small shotgun after he threatened her with a handgun. Sheriff Loyd Arrington told Fox 6 reporter Karen Church that he will not be pressing charges against Thomas at this time because he believes she acted in self-defense.

NH: Legislators prepared to repeal gun ban: "Legislators meet today to repeal a weapons ban that has been in effect at the State House and connected buildings for the past year. The joint Legislative Facilities Committee is expected vote on a measure that would remove language banning anyone but active law enforcement from carrying a deadly weapon. A separate House rule up for a vote on Wednesday will bar display of deadly weapons by anyone other than a police officer but would allow the use of a deadly weapon in the "exercise of self-defense or defense of others." In place of the weapons ban, the new joint House-Senate rule would simply leave security issues to the Sergeants-at-Arms in House and Senate chambers. Elsewhere on the State House complex, enforcement would be the job of Protective Services and State Police."

FL: Stand your ground cases rise: "A decade-old law that gives criminal immunity to some people who defend themselves with knives, fists, sticks or guns is rearing its head more frequently in Volusia County courtrooms. Under what is known as Florida's 'Stand Your Ground Law,' a Daytona Beach man recently avoided up to 15 years in prison for smashing another in the face with a 2-by-4 while defending himself and his girlfriend from a drunk attacker. Circuit Judge Patrick Kennedy on Dec. 2 ruled that Vincent Strollo is immune from prosecution, records show."

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