Wednesday, January 05, 2011

TX: Homeowner Shoots Alleged Kidnapper: "Hidalgo County sheriff's investigators are working to figure out if they'll arrest a man who shot a reported kidnapper. The victim told deputies that the suspects approached him outside his home Monday night and threatened to kidnap him. That's when the 50-year-old pulled out his gun and twice shot one of the men. The other two men rushed him to the hospital. He is expected to be okay. Sheriff Lupe TreviƱo tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS the man will not be charged if the evidence proves he fired in self defense.

TX: Robbers target family after shopping trip: "Elvis Munoz, 17, is charged with aggravated robbery. A juvenile suspect is also facing charges and a third suspect is being interviewed by authorities.... The memory of what happened to Del Rosario Monday night kept him awake all night long. He and his wife were with their young boys, ages seven and one, headed home from the Apple store at Willowbrook Mall when he noticed a red Mustang had followed him right to his driveway. "He was going after me with a mask," Del Rosario recalled. When he got out of the car, Del Rosario says a man had a gun pointed straight at him and was joined by at least two accomplices. He said, "I ran away ... to get away from them, to draw the fire to me if they were going to shoot. Then I started shooting at them... he was able to stop the gunman. A neighbor, also a gun owner, who didn't want to be shown on camera, helped him detain a second suspect until deputies arrived."

PA: Legless man in wheelchair shoots, kills teen intruder: "Police said a man in a wheelchair fatally shot a young intruder who fired shots from a rifle while trying to enter his Baldwin Borough apartment through a window. ... 'A rifle barrel protruded through the venetian blind in the window. A shot or two shots, we believe, were fired into the apartment,' Scott said. Police said Bombara reached up and got a handgun from under his chair cushion. 'As the intruder was climbing through the window, he fired -- that resident fired a round -- striking the intruder.'"

SD: ACLU wants guns for illegals: "South Dakota’s chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union filed a federal lawsuit against the state Monday hoping to open up the state’s concealed weapon law to all legal U.S. residents. ACLU officials are seeking an injunction for a Sioux Falls man who was recently denied his concealed carry permit since he is not a U.S. citizen."

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The gentleman that filed the lawsiut is not illegal. He is a 30year legal resident of the US. He has a permanent work permit for the US.