Monday, January 31, 2011

Robbers lose in Chicago armored truck robbery: "Two Garda security guards arrived at a Family Dollar store at the corner of Homan and Chicago avenues about 9:40 a.m. to make a cash pickup. One ran in the store, while the other stayed with the armored vehicle. When the guard came out, money bag in hand, two men set upon him. Townsend pointed what appeared to be a sawed-off shotgun — later determined to be two black pipes wrapped in tape with a wooden handle — to the guard's chin as Cary grabbed the guard in a chokehold and pointed a gun to the back of his head, according to police accounts and the arrest report. During a struggle, the guard pulled his gun and shot Townsend several times. The other guard, who by then had stepped out of the armored truck, shot Cary, who was holding .22-caliber handgun, according to the arrest report. A judge on Sunday ordered Cary held without bail. Though he is not accused of shooting Townsend, Cary was charged with murder because a person died during the commission of a crime, police said."

W.Va.: Shootout kills home occupant, wounds invader: "Three suspects kicked in the back door of a residence at 119 Magnolia Street in Bluefield,” Chief J.W. “Joe” Wilson of the Bluefield Police Department said. “A gunfight ensued, and a juvenile inside the residence was shot dead.” Wilson said the juvenile was a 17-year-old male, but did not release the name of the victim. “One of the three suspects who entered the house was wounded in the gun battle,” Wilson said. “He was transported to a Charleston hospital.” Police arrested Jasmen Montgomery, 21, of Pulaski, Va., on a felony murder charge. “The other suspect who is in custody is a 17-year-old male,” Wilson said.

Car thief (above) held at gunppoint: "A woman called 911 around 1:45 a.m. to report that her husband was holding a man at gunpoint inside the couple's car, according to police. Police arrived and found Shamakeith Taylor, 27, inside a truck. Police said that Taylor initially resisted getting out of the truck but eventually complied. The husband told police he went outside after hearing his dogs barking and seeing the lights on inside both of his cars. Once outside, the man found a toolbox from one of his cars sitting on the ground and started looking around for the thief. He eventually found Taylor sitting inside his truck and pulled out his gun and pointed it at Taylor until police arrived. Police said Taylor had locked himself inside the truck."

Onerous Gun Laws Are Not The Answer: "In California alone there are over 500 laws regulating what ordinary gun owners can do with their guns. These laws are so subjective and numerous that even experts in the laws cannot give direct answers to simple questions like “how do I legally transport my gun in my car?” In 1996 a law outlawing the carry of a loaded gun in a car was construed to prosecute a man who had shells attached to the outside of his shotgun. The laws are often counterintuitive. At a gun store, one can buy a rifle and a rifle handle, but putting them together is a felony. The political situation in the wake of the Tucson shooting is not unique. After every major gun crime, gun control advocates cash in on public fear to bolster new regulation. Since these laws are not based on any principle, they do not actually reduce instances of crime. More violence will occur, and more confusing laws will get passed."

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