Friday, April 19, 2013

Abuse and assertion substitute for a rational look at the issues.

The tripe excerpted below is written by Paul McGeough, "Chief foreign correspondent" of a Left-leaning Australian newspaper.  From the opening sentence he abandons all pretence at believability.  He is clearly motivated by hate and rage rather than by any attempt to discover the truth.  He does a good job of showing what a poisonous lot Leftists are

So the US is cool with killing kids.

Like the 26 victims of December's massacre at a Connecticut primary school, all the reform clauses in the latest challenge to America's culture of guns and violence have gone down, shot down by a gutless Senate.  [It's gutless to rein in more and more government  intrusion into people's lives?  The word I would use is "heroic".  But our rage-filled Leftist would appear not to have thought of that.  He certainly shows no sign of considering it]

He didn't utter the words, but "scumbags" and "cowards" were the obvious subtext to a furious President Barack Obama's words in the Rose Garden, minutes after the legislative defeat – the first for the National Rifle Association and the second for all who cower in the face of its crude threats.

In a week in which the Boston bombing has the country reeling at the ease by which it can be visited by atrocity, the Senate failed to muster the necessary 60 votes to expand background checks for would-be gun buyers, to ban military-style assault weapons and to outlaw high-capacity gun magazines.  [And how would gun bans have prevented the Boston massacre?   The Boston bombers did not use guns]

He accused the “gun lobby and its allies of wilfully ly[ing]” about the compromise bill negotiated by a senator from each side of politics. He charges that Republicans and some of his own Democrat colleagues had "caved to pressure" from a vocal minority that supported gun rights.  “There were no coherent arguments as to why we wouldn't do this – it came down to politics,” Obama said.  [No coherent arguments?   Funny that the arguments went on and on about the issue.  Were all those arguments  incoherent?  But any argument that arrives at a conservative conclusion CANNOT be "coherent", of course, not in Obama's world]

Excuse me, next time the US struts the world stage, claiming American exceptionalism, setting itself out as leader of the so-called free world, it risks being dismissed as a nation of idiots. It's too easy to defer to strong polling support for gun control and to just vent about the Senate and the House – after all, who elects them?


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