Thursday, April 25, 2013

OK:Muskogee business owner shoots suspected burglar

As readers of this blog know, a .22 can be, and often is, deadly.

A Muskogee business owner told police he shot a man breaking into his business.

Muskogee police are investigating a case where the owner of Fast Wrecker shot a suspected burglar he says he caught breaking into his business early Thursday morning.

Oklahoma’s Stand Your Ground law expanded to businesses in 2011, that allows a business owner to shoot an intruder if they feel they fear death or great bodily harm. The intruder doesn’t have to be armed.

In the three-and-a-half minute 911 call, business owner, Dale Ford, didn’t know at first if he shot the suspected burglar.

Ford: "I fired a couple shots at him but he is here in my shop. Did I hit ya? He says I hit him in his arm. It's just a 22.”

More Here including audio of 911 call

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