Sunday, April 21, 2013

NORKS have Answer to Boston Bombing Motive

North Korea has emphatically denied that they are responsible for the Marathon City of Boston Bombing. They have offered help using their advanced intelligence services.

From Young Moon Son, of an unafilliated Nork Public Affairs office:

Unsubstantiated accusations of The Peoples Glorious Republic of North Korea's involvement in the pusillanimous bombing attack on the Marathon City of Boston in the Capitalist Dictatorship of the USA are completely false. Any person can easily see that this is misdirection for another purpose. A PGRNK attack would be much more effective. We would kill many thousands, not just three and wound hundreds. This is the mark of total amateurs.

In addition to the above facts, the PGRNK did not threaten the Marathon City of Boston. The Marathon City of Boston is not Austin City of Texas. Look on a map. The Marathon City of Boston is hundreds, if not thousands of kilometers removed from Austin City of Texas.

Now for the PGRNK help from our glorious intelligence service. We know who did the extremely amateur attack on the Marathon City of Boston. We have analysed the available data, carefully sifted from websites. The type of attack and its extreme amateur type show that only one group was responsible.

To help confused Capitalist USA president.

Muslims did it.


We demand more aid for our extremely valuable intelligence report. Send videos and ultra super high speed web links. We must feed our people. If they starve, it is your fault, Capitalist USA.


In breaking news the Czech Republic has also claimed that they did not attack the Marathon City of Boston. The Czech Republic did not offer free intelligence analysis.

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Warning! This is satire!

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