Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sally gets a Concealed Carry License (Why would people want an AR-15?)

Photo by Oleg Volk

Sally is a nice, conservative lady who asked a question about the AR-15 a few weeks ago. Sally is not a "gun person", she just wanted a straight answer. I am pleased to report that Sally sent the following message yesterday:

"Just got my conceal carry license. I knew it wouldn't take long after I sent it in.

To be a Pharmacy Tech in Missouri one gets finger printed by the highway patrol and prints go to the FBI. Easy to find. And would be the stupidest crime of the year if I ever committed one.

Anyway I am pretty excited. No gun but a Concealed Carry License. Thought I would share.


There are millions of people like Sally in the United States. They terrify those who want to disarm the population. Citizen disarmament requires that most people remain uneducated about firearms and the right to self defense.

Congratulations, Sally.

I look forward to seeing you carrying a personal defense weapon sometime in the future.

Link to Sally's original question

Link to Sally's reply

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