Friday, April 19, 2013

Holder feels 'frustration and anger' over gun bill defeat

Anger is the normal state of leftists

Attorney General Eric Holder expressed frustration and anger Thursday over the Senate's defeat of gun control legislation this week, but vowed he will continue to fight for measures to prevent gun violence.

“Despite my disappointment and, quite frankly, my frustration and anger at the filibuster in the Senate yesterday that led to the failure to adopt some of those changes, despite the fact that a majority voted for them, I and my colleagues throughout the administration remain committed to standing with the families of Newtown,” said Holder in testimony before the House Appropriations Committee on Thursday

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Anonymous said...

Republicans are known for being cool and calm, certainly not shouting on television, threatening violent acts against elected democrats or frantically stockpiling 22lr ammunition in response to ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Anonymous said...

I feel frustration and anger that Eric Holder isnt in jail for his abuse of power.