Saturday, April 20, 2013

Who "needs" 30 round Magazines?

Looking at the pics coming in from the Boston bomber manhunt I see all these LEOs bristling with high-capacity-mag, “assault weapon” looking rifles (wonder how many are full-auto?), bad-ass shotguns, scary black pistols. For two guys … well, one now. (None now. Good show LEOs.)

Thing is, I don’t begrudge the city of Boston a single round. The LEOs, God bless ‘em, aren’t taking any chances. But then why should you? Why should you be held to 7 rounds? Or 10. Or any arbitrary number. Who needs 30-round mags?

“…legions of heavily armed police” felt like they needed them … for two guys. Then one — one guy.

If precaution advises that many trained officers with all that firepower to prepare to take out two baddies — because who knows how heavily armed they are or what they might do — how can we expect a lone homeowner to defend herself against similar unknown threats with seven rounds? Mayor Bloomberg, Governor O’Malley, et al., please, your thoughts? TTAGers, here’s hoping you never need even one and always have access to a whole lot more.

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