Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Media Lobbyists Lose on Guns

President Obama suffered a large, embarrassing loss in the Senate on a slew of gun-control bills. If this were a Republican president, they’d be sounding the lame-duck alarms on the nightly newscasts. But most media outlets can’t do this. They were fully invested in this campaign alongside Obama, and to underscore his weakness is to acknowledge their own.

Since mid-December, the broadcast networks and cable news hosts like Piers Morgan and Joe Scarborough have relentlessly lobbied for gun control. On how many occasions did they completely shred the notion of objectivity -- of journalism itself -- and boldly engage in lobbying for gun control, using their networks as megaphones? Let’s consider a few recent moments.

1. On April 11, “Morning Joe” hosted Vice President Biden for a about an hour-long interview -- yes, most people get 5-6-7 minutes, but if you're the Veep and want to promote gun control, you get an hour. It was an embarrasing hour of kissy-face that ended like this: Biden: “Joe, thank you.” Scarborough laughs. Biden: “ No, no, no, no, no. You have changed the debate in America. You.” Scarborough replies, “Thank you so much.” Biden insists, “The two guys that deserve -- if anything gets done -- an award here are you and Michael Bloomberg.” Awwww, shucks.

“We are the 90%,” Joe Scarborough tweeted after the defeat. “And 90% will not be ignored.” (I just love macho chest-thumping declarations of war in tweets.)

It’s unsurprising that 90 percent have no objections to background checks in a vague polling question. But a new AP poll shows how “passionate” the public is on this issue. They asked: "What do you think the President and Congress should do about gun control? Do you think they should keep working to pass the changes to the nation's gun laws that are currently being negotiated, scrap the current negotiations and start over from scratch, or leave the nation's gun laws as they are now?"

It was very split: 39 percent said leave the laws as they are, 38 percent said keep working to pass changes, and 20 percent said start over from scratch. Scarborough can't brag "We are the 38 percent."

2. On that same morning, in an interview on CNN, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W. Va.), a co-author of the background-checks crackdown, said to anchor John Berman: “We appreciate your support, too. This is very, very important.” Berman didn’t take exception when his objectivity was presumed to be lacking. He just replied, “Thank you, sir.”

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Wireless.Phil said...

IF and I mean IF, if 90% of the public supports background checks, then put the vote to the people!
DO NOT let these idiots vote for 'we the people'!