Monday, April 29, 2013

SC:Conway, Horry County, Gun Turn in "buyback" to Destroy 70 Guns

The South Carolina gun turn in brought in 70 firearms for $50 and $100 gift cards, $50 for shotguns and rifles, $100 for handguns.

From the pictures in the online articles, it appears that most guns were .22 rifles and single shot shotguns that normally bring from $100 to $200 at gun shows or guns stores. At least one rifle was a Remington 552, which retails for over $500 new.

The only picture of a handgun collected appeared to be a very inexpensive, old .22 revolver, less valuable than the $100 gift card offered. Handguns were reported to be about half of the total number of firearms turned in.

Much of the reporting was laced with emotional advocacy for more restrictions on the private ownership of firearms, though academic studies indicate that these turn in events have no measurable effect on crime.

Experts: Gun Buybacks Popular But Ineffective

"Buyback" is a propaganda term that implies that all property belongs to the government, and that people are only allowed to own it for a while. It is untrue, as none of the guns bought in these events were owned by the government, so they cannot be "bought back".

No private buyers were reported at this turn in event, so some nice guns such as the Remington were turned in for $50, and will now be destroyed.

Some states are passing legislation to prevent the senseless destruction of these valuable resources.

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