Saturday, April 27, 2013

AR:Women and Guns: A Mother's Take on Gun Control

At first, many called for a ban on certain guns and ammunition, now there are calls for tougher background checks.

Donna Terrell talks with one mother, Regina Pryor, who knows about guns, specifically , one of the most controversial, the AR-15.

"They call them assault rifles, but they are not assault rifles," says Pryor.

"If people understood the truth of the gun there would not be quite as much fear."

Pryor learned to shoot a few years ago, mainly to protect herself and her family.

"This AR-15 is one of the semi automatic rifles that's so controversial. And the "AR" doesn't stand for assault rifle, it's Armalite, the company that use to make this gun."

Supporters say they like it because it's great for protection at home. And they say it's an easy gun for a women to handle.

"Let's say you have a home invasion, that AR for the woman is going to be a lot easier for her to use than that shotgun."

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