Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Newtown father tells rally anti-gunners don’t speak for all residents

Holding a sign proclaiming “Newtown Dad -- Pro 2nd Amendment -- Why Am I the Bad Guy Now?” Bill Stevens, the Newtown father who earlier this year told Connecticut legislators “You will take my ability to protect my [daughter] Victoria from my cold dead hands,” addressed an approving crowd at Saturday’s Second Amendment Rally at the State Capitol in Hartford.

The event, sponsored by the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, was the same one citizen journalist Mike Vanderboegh drew approval from attendees (and condemnation from monopoly of violence zealots) at when he informed them of his defiance through smuggling and encouraged them to “Be the best lawbreaker you can be.” "Only one side of the Newtown story has been told....actually exploited for political gain." **Bill Stevens - The Other Newtown Families** (5) CCDL Gun Rights Rally 4/20/2013

Taking the stage with his daughter Victoria, whose school had been locked down as the Sandy Hook killings were happening, Stevens asked her if she felt safer in lockdown or at home with him and his guns.

“Obviously with my Dad,” she replied to cheers. “The teachers don’t know how to protect us, really.”

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Sally said...

Maybe there will be more people going public saying they are pro-gun, pro-2nd amendment.