Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dave Workman:Kalashnikov dies, let the demonization begin

Earlier today, the inventor of what many consider the most popular rifle in the world – Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov – died following a long illness, and his passing is being reported by news media all over the world, including the Seattle Times, and leave it to the Associated Press to demonize him, just a little.
“Mikhail Kalashnikov,” says reporter Jim Heintz, “started out wanting to make farm equipment, but the harvest he reaped was one of blood as the designer of the AK-47 assault rifle, the world's most popular firearm.

“It was the carnage of World War, when Nazi Germany overran much of the Soviet Union, which altered his course and made his name as well-known for bloodshed as Smith, Wesson and Colt,” the report added.

By comparison, the Washington Post’s extensive obituary, picked up by the Seattle Times, tells the story of a poor Russian kid who was drafted into the Red Army, became a Communist and spearheaded the development of a firearm that is in circulation all over the globe. Alas, and even Kalashnikov knew it, the rifle bearing his name has fallen into some of the most wrong hands on the landscape.

Yet Kalashnikov, who became a Soviet general, once noted in an interview, “I sleep soundly. I created a weapon to defend the motherland. It was not my fault that it was sometimes used where it should not have been. That is the fault of politicians.”

For someone who never lived in the United States, Gen. Kalashnikov could obviously turn a phrase sure to hit a sensitive American nerve.

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Wireless.Phil said...

My question is, I've always wondered, which country makes the best one or the most accurate?

I've heard different opinions on that.

As for the AR-15 with its "forward assist" and its "charging handle", I'd rather stay with the Mini-14 configurations.

Wireless.Phil said...

Here is something ran across earlier today on Google News no less:

Its from Russia's Pravda so what dose one expect.

Its a scary read!

The Meanest of Mankind: The Brutality of American Fascist Police Goons
Pravda - 8 hours ago

The American police are not only above the law, but they make up the law as they go along-and then proceed to violate their own "laws" as it suits them.