Wednesday, December 18, 2013

KY: Knive Preemption Law Introduced

Knife Rights,  the organization that is opening up a "second front on the second amendment" just announced that a knife preemption bill has been introduced in Kentucky for 2014.  This is from the email that I received from them:

Kentucky Knife Law Preemption Bill Filed   
Kentucky state Senator Robin Webb has introduced a Knife Rights Knife Law Preemption bill, BR 384,  for the 2014 session.  BR 384 would repeal all existing local knife regulations and prohibit any future knife regulations, making state knife law supreme over the entire state.  It also specifically provides that parties may sue to enjoin any violations of the new preemption law. It's worth noting that the annual Knifemaker's Guild show is held in Louisville.

If you live, work or travel in Kentucky, please contact your state Senator and ask them to please support BR 384. If Sen. Webb is your Senator, please thank her for sponsoring BR 384. You can find your Kentucky state Senator here:
Knife Law Preemption is Knife Rights' signature legislative initiative and is the essential foundation for improving knife laws and protecting knife owners. Beginning with the nation's first Knife Law Preemption bill passed in 2010 in Arizona, Knife Rights has passed Knife Law Preemption in seven states to date. Knife Law Preemption prevents a patchwork of local ordinances which can entrap honest citizens traveling within or through a state.

Knife Rights is rewriting knife law in America™ in the legislatures and the courts. Support the fight for a Sharper Future™ with a donation before the end of the year and get chances to win from $7,500 worth of gift certificates valued up to $1,000.  DONATE TODAY for a Sharper Future Tomorrow!
Here is the text of the first paragraph of the draft version of the bill:
1) No existing or future city, county, urban-county government, charter county, consolidated local government, unified local government, special district, local or regional public or quasi-public agency, board, commission, department, public corporation, or any person acting under the authority of any of these organizations may occupy any part of the field of regulation of the manufacture, sale, purchase, taxation, transfer, ownership, possession, carrying, storage, or transportation of knives or other cutting instruments, including sharpened or pointed blades.
I have never seen an argument that knives are not protected under the second amendment.    Knives were commonly in use at the time of its adoption, and have been carried as tools and weapons for as long as people have existed.  Yet, there are thousands of laws across the United States that infringe on the right to keep and carry knives.   Innocent people are victimized every day for simply carrying or possessing a common tool.

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