Monday, December 09, 2013

GA:Clerk With Machete Chases Armed Robbers; Owner will buy Clerk a Gun

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - Police are searching for these men who stormed into a Cordele supermarket and shot an employee as they were chased out by another worker with a machete.

Surveillance video shows five men with their faces covered run into the "Your Food Supermarket in Cordele last night.  One of them had a gun, but he was met by a clerk ready to protect his territory.


"I just bought a gun for my employee to shoot the person if it's left up to them, Also I have some other things to protect," said store owner Dennis Barot.

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After Newtown, focus of U.S. gun control battle shifts to states

By Ian Simpson WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In the year since the massacre of 26 schoolchildren and adults in Newtown, Connecticut, efforts to pass gun legislation have stalled in the U.S. Congress but shifted to the states, helped by the deep pockets of outgoing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.