Monday, December 30, 2013

FL:Business Owner Accidentaly Shot, Refuses to Press Charges

I think Mr. Pfiester deserves a kudos for this.   Many would have been vindictive.  Not Mr. Pfiester.   He understands that bad things happen.  it can be particularly difficult to be sure that a gun is pointing in a "safe" direction in an urban setting.   It went through three walls before it hit him.  Yes, the discharge was negligent.   Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.  There is a world of difference in making the injury whole, and in having a criminal record. 

According to Tom Raulen, Indian River County Sheriff’s Office public information officer, the bullet that passed through Pfiester’s right leg and grazed his left leg, first went through three interior walls in the fitness club.


 Pfiester is reportedly back to work this week teaching classes, though the injury is keeping him from his normal workout routine. Pfiester, who did not press charges, was quoted in a press report saying he considered the man who accidentally shot him to be a friend and an otherwise responsible gun owner.

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