Monday, December 09, 2013

Video of Ruger SP101, Separate Ejector Rod

This video from INTOWEAPONS was interesting to me because it showed the person firing using a separate ejector rod to eject the empties.  You have to be looking for it to catch it, right at about 1:56 to 2:08 in the video, at the bottom of the screen.   When you hear cases being ejected at other points of the video, it is clear from the cadence that the separate ejector rod is being used there as well.  Most people do not use a separate ejector rod unless there is good reason to do so, primarily that the revolver's intrinsic ejection system is difficult to use.  It could be that the user did not have any full moon or star clips for the revolver's ejector to catch on.

I ran into this exact problem with three 9mm Smith & Wesson revolvers, using the full moon or star clips.  At times the problem was so severe that I cut the palm of my hand on the ejector rad trying to eject empties.  I sent them back to the factory twice, and the problem was much reduced; still, it was enough to make me give up on 9mm revolvers.  My speculation is that the tapered 9mm case simply does not work well with most double action ejector systems.   It should be less of a factor in single actions, the ejector rod there only has to  deal with one case at a time.

YouTube video of Ruger SP101 in 9MM being fired

I understand that Ruger no longer makes the SP101 in 9mm.

Has anyone else had this problem with double action 9mm revolvers?

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