Thursday, December 19, 2013

Texas Turn In Shows Effective Private Purchasers (buyback)

A recent gun turn in event at a church in Dallas shows how effective private purchasers can be in neutralizing the "guns are bad"  meme.   From the story:
“Now there’s 15 less chances there’s a tragedy, and we’re glad for that,” said the Rev. Bruce Buchanan, an associate pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Dallas, which has The Stewpot ministry.
This is the usual theme of gun turn in programs.  Guns are bad and should be destroyed.   However, as is happening all over the country, in the vast majority of states where private sales are not infringed on by law, there were private purchasers who brought the opposite message to the attention of readers.
As the church worked to buy guns so they could be destroyed, members of the Come and Take It Texas gun-rights group tried to buy firearms at the same site — so they could be put back into circulation.

The group said it bought four or five guns in its effort to supply firearms to the Safe Mother program, geared toward training women in need to use handguns for self-defense.
Not only are private purchasers attending these events, but they are getting organized.   Come and Take It has held a number of high profile events in Texas.

I find the reference to arming poor mothers for self defense to be particularly effective.   While not a direct reference to the Armed Citizens Project, it seems to share the same goal: arm citizens, reduce crime.

Those who wish to disarm the citizenry realize that this sort of event is a net loser for them.   From a article, this email came to light in a freedom of information act requestSAF recently received $38,000 because of the cities withholding of the information.
“I wish you guys would … have talked to us/CeaseFire about this before moving forward,” Fascitelli said in an email to King County Executive Dow Constantine and a Mayor’s Office staffer. “The overwhelming research shows that buybacks generally don’t work well and are a waste of resources and are mocked by the NRA.
This does not stop the anti-freedom activists from holding turn in events in states where private sales are infringed on, such as the one in California that netted an an STG-44.   It is another reason to oppose the road to registration that anti-freedom activists describe as "universal background checks".

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