Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I am Pulling for George Zimmerman

I have been observing and writing about the George Zimmerman digital lynching from very early on.   As I monitor and write about self defense stories, I caught an early version of the events in  Sanford, Florida.  The story said that a black teenager had been shot in self defense.  A picture was included.   Reading the story, I concluded that the picture was that of the black teenager that had been shot.  I was wrong.   The picture was of George Zimmerman.

It was an easy mistake to make.   As with a large and increasing number of Americans, George has a mixed race background.  One of his great grandfathers was black, and he has a somewhat dark complexion.   The early story said that George had a concealed carry permit.    That placed the statistics on his side.  People who go to the trouble of obtaining concealed carry weapon (CCW) permits, are extremely law abiding.   They are many times more law abiding than the average population, and commit murder much less often than police officers.  

I was surprised at the institutional  corruption that the old media displayed to demonize George, falsely accuse him of racism, and even to digitally modify images and audio files to convict him in the public mind. 

I was not surprised that a jury came up with a not guilty verdict.   The facts of the case were never in doubt.   That is why the police did not arrest George the night of the shooting or afterward until political pressure was brought to bear.  If you want to read the best synopsis of the case that I have found, I highly recommend this series of articles by Massad Ayoob. 

It appears that white on black crime is so rare, that if you cannot find the examples you need for political purposes, you have to create it where it does not exist.  Those who thrive on stoking the fires of racial animosity have invested heavily in the demonization of George Zimmerman.  He has become a marked man.  I think that George has done remarkable well considering the nasty surprises that an uncaring  reality has flung at him.

Try to put yourself in George Zimmerman's shoes.   Here you have an ordinary  young man...  Well, perhaps somewhat extraordinary in his concern for other people and his attempts to make his neighborhood into a better place.., but no more than in the top two percent of the population in those traits.

He is going about his business, attempting to reduce the nasty crime problem in his neighborhood, when he is attacked by a young black man who presents a serious threat to his life.  Holding off longer than most would under the circumstances, he finally fires a single shot to protect his life.   His attacker dies as a result.   This is very bad, but the alternative was much worse.  His life has changed forever, but he does not yet understand to what extent this is true.

The usual post shooting trauma, from the nightmares, the self doubt, the things that decent people go through when they are forced to take a life in self defense, all happen.  But that is only the beginning.

George cooperates with the police.  The police investigate, as they should, and find that there is no crime to be charged.   The criminal perpetrator, Trayvon Martin, who attacked George, is already dead, so it serves no purpose to charge him with a crime.

Then the political operatives smell an opportunity.  If shopped just right to the old media, this could become a white man killing a black kid.  It is just what the old media needs to gin up black enthusiasm for a failing black president.

So, George is demonized, he receives numerous death threats, the whole force of the establishment comes down on him, the sacrificial goat to maintain the illusion of rampant white racism in America.

Only... George does not cooperate.  He fights back.  He maintains his innocence.  He finds ways to get his story out, in spite of the severe disadvantages placed upon him by the old media and the political establishment.   Not only does he not crumble under the digital lynching that is done to him, he prevails.

But those who push racial animosity do not give up.  His life will never be the same.   Under the intense pressure of the personal attacks, death threats, and media scrutiny, his marriage crumbles.   It happens.   It has happened to a great many.   As part of that process, his wife plays the "domestic violence" card that has become ubiquitous in divorce proceedings.   But George is not a quitter.   He does not accept the false charges.   His wife recants.  The charges are dropped.  George prevails.

George finds solace in the arms of a physically attractive woman.   She tries to shop her attachment to the old media, who are not willing to pay enough.  George discovers that physical attractiveness does not guarantee a golden character.   George makes a wise decision to break off the relationship.   The woman  tries to play the "domestic violence" card again.  George has learned, and is wiser.  He calls the police himself.   Later, the girlfriend recants in a notarized statement to George's lawyer.   The charges are dropped and George gets his guns back.   George prevails again.

He may well need his guns.   Due to the old media assault, a third of the country think that George is a crazed killer.  The New Black Panthers who posted a reward for George, dead or alive, have never been prosecuted.  Maybe that has something to do with a Department of Justice, run by Eric Holder,

George is just an ordinary guy.   An ordinary guy who is being put through a blast furnace of false accusations, politically motivated charges, and an establishment that wants him in jail, or dead.

I would be proud to have George Zimmerman as my neighbor.   He has shown that he is the kind of man that will not stand by and let injustice happen.  He has shown that he is someone who can keep his head under extraordinary pressure.  In a society where the media had any integrity, he would be lauded as a pillar of the community.

George, keep your head down and your guns at hand.   You are the underdog, the "little guy", but you have prevailed.   I am pulling for you.   Millions are pulling for you.  May the evil (yes, false accusations and manipulating evidence to create hate is *evil*) media organizations have to pay for your future security and welfare.   Stay alive George, stay alive.   Do not give the purveyors of hate the satisfaction of your destruction.  Your survival is a victory for us all.

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Just on Google ABC News, Orlando Sentinel: $100K for his art?

Zimmerman Latest Notorious Figure to Turn to Art
ABC News - ‎27 minutes ago‎

Bids for a painting by George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain who admitted to killing Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, have reached $100,000 on eBay, the online auction house.