Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Evidence in Mitigation at the Internet Lynching of LTC Bateman by WeaponsMan

WeaponsMan does another excellent job, showing that LTC Bateman did some considerable good during his career, exposing the AP fraud about a supposed massacre at No Gun Ri during the Korean War.

By now, if you are not living under a rock, you have heard about the intemperate (to say the least) and frankly stupid political article in an Esquire blog by one LTC Robert Bateman.

In it, Bateman calls for all kinds of gun bans, and fantasizes (there is no other word) about them being enforced at bayonet point by a politicized Army. “We will pry your gun from your cold, dead, fingers,” he writes. You can almost hear him fapping to the thought of it.

Good luck with that, Bob.


It was during this period that Bateman he wrote a book that exposed a 1999 fabrication by Associated Press anti-military reporter Charles Hanley and a cast of dozens of AP minions.  Hanley and Co., riffing off a far-fetched story from an already-exposed phony, cooked up a tale of American troops machine-gunning some 350 Korean civilian refugees, and leaving them to rot. It was one of those stories that was, for the Associated Press, too good to check. It got the same treatment from the credulous crowd at the Pulitzer jury, winning a Pulitzer Prize for Hanley and the AP fabulists. The story caused considerable friction between the US and South Korea, as well it should — if it were true, but it wasn’t.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Here we go again!

Gabby Giffords plans 2014 push
USA TODAY - 15 minutes ago

New commitment follows a year of relative inaction on gun legislation.

WASHINGTON — Former congresswoman Gabby Gifford's political action committees will play an active role in House and Senate races next year in a push to "change the map" in Congress after lawmakers failed to pass any significant gun-control or mental health legislation, Gifford's husband Mark Kelly said Monday.

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