Thursday, December 26, 2013

OR:Wallowa County Passes Second Amendment Protections

I have not been able to access a copy of the actual ordinance.   I have found two different stories as to when it goes into effect.  This story says it goes into effect immediately, while another article, here, says it goes into effect in 30 days.  The article excerpted below was dated two days later, on December 18th.

ENTERPRISE — A Wallowa County ordinance preserving the Second Amendment was unanimously passed Monday during a public meeting at the Wallowa County Fairgrounds’ Cloverleaf Hall.

 Commissioner Paul Castilleja read a five-page draft of the ordinance compiled in part by Chad Nash of Enterprise.


Nash said the ordinance was written by “those of us who want to restore rights that have been taken from us through the adoption of a county ordinance.”

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