Tuesday, March 11, 2014

IN:Reform of Gun Law Goes to Senate/House Conference Committee

Current Indiana law creates dangerous traps for people exercising their second amendment rights.   More than 1 in 9 adults in Indiana have a license to carry a handgun.  Legally carrying handguns in Indiana has become common, legal, and has proven to be safe.  Unfortunately, Indiana has some archaic laws that were created when "gun control" was in fashion.  These laws create traps for the law abiding gun owner.   One trap in the law is the inadvertently constructed "roving school zone".

In current law, students that go to a facility for educational purposes create a "roaming school zone" where firearms are forbidden.  The zone stays around them as they move about.  A legal gun owner could be minding her own business, sitting on a bench in a zoo, for example, when a group of students approach.   She has just committed a felony because she now possesses a firearm where it is forbidden by law, in the "roaming school zone".   The proposed law, SB229, removes this absurd construction.

Another trap is the school parking lot.  If an adult goes to a school parking lot to drop off or pick up a student, or for any other reason, if they have their defensive firearm with them, they have committed a felony.   The reform clarifies that the school parking lot is not the school, eliminating that trap.

One last section of the law prevents public funds from being wasted by destroying valuable assets for political theater.  Instead of being destroyed, guns received by public agencies would be sold and the proceeds used for public benefit.

The reform bill, SB229, passed the Senate on 28 February 28-21.  It passed the  the House on 3 March with a 74-24 majority and some minor changes.  It will be considered by the House/Senate conference committee this morning, 10 March, 2014, at 9 am.   Only a few days are left in the legislative session.

The reforms are being strongly opposed by the old Indiana Media.

Indiana Moms Against Gun Control has a summation here with contact information.

Update: a provision to allow police agencies to retain the ability to destroy firearms was added to the bill at the end of the session.

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