Friday, August 15, 2014

AL:Robber Drops Gun, Wallet, Retreating from Armed Victim

Most criminals do not expect to confront armed victims.   The reason is simple: they do not want to get shot, so they avoid people they know to be armed.  In this case, the would be robber was surprised by an occupant of the apartment that had his own pistol.   It became a standoff, with neither party willing to open fire.

The robber wisely retreated before someone decided that gunfire was desirable, tripped on the way out, and dropped his pistol and wallet before running off.

At least, that is  the story in

The robber started backing out of the apartment, tripped, fell, dropped his pistol and his wallet, which he left behind when he fled, Huntsville police said.
I am not sure why the robber would be carrying his wallet to a robbery, or why he would have it in such a way that when he tripped, he would drop it.  Many criminals' guns either cannot fire, are unloaded, or have the wrong ammunition.

It does make a funny story.

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