Saturday, August 09, 2014

GA: Teen Mother Fights Home Invaders

Front of Walker's home
Kayla Walker's Residence

In Georgia, a teenage mother fought back against two home invaders. She managed to fight her way to a shotgun, and that persuaded them to retreat. Her attempt to fire was met with a very loud "click" as the firing pin connected with an empty chamber. From

"But by the time I got in here, they was coming in and I was pushing them back out as hard as I could," she said.

Walker said she immediately pushed the man out of the house, but another man behind him pushed them both back inside, knocking her to the ground.
That's when she told investigators the second man straddled her and began beating her in the face, using racial slurs such as "stupid white (expletive)."
But Walker then said she grabbed the man by the testicles and caused him to fall over on her. She then grabbed him by the throat and began choking him.
"I head-butted him, then grabbed his privates and I reached up an started choking him," she recalled.
19 year old Kayla Walker resorted to a hammer, and then a shotgun to drive the intruders out.     After the click on an empty chamber, they ran, leaving a trail of blood.   While this young woman was surprised by the men breaking into her house, it might have been better if she had the shotgun with her when she investigated.    She has reinforced the back door with dead bolts.   More firearms training is also indicated.

Mothers are often ferocious fighters if they feel their child is in danger.

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