Saturday, August 23, 2014

CA: Jewelry Store Magnet for Gunplay

A jewelry store in Little Saigon, Orange County California, has become a magnet  for robbers.   In 2012, there was an attempted robbery in which one of the robbers was shot.  In 2013, several shots were fired at a thief who fought with the store owner, and escaped with a $9,000 watch.   Yesterday, 21 August, 2014, another robbery attempt ended in gunfire as a store employee drove off two robbers who had smashed a display case.  From
Two men wearing ski-type masks and hooded sweatshirts entered the store, used a hammer to break glass on a display case and began removing merchandise, Westminster police Officer Rachel Archambault said. One witness reported that one of the men may have been armed with a gun, she added.

A store employee pulled out a weapon and fired two shots at the robbers, Collins said.
 You would think that the robbers would learn that Tick Tock Watches is not a good choice of targets.   Maybe they do not read the papers; maybe they think they are different and smarter; maybe they just cannot resist that high grade bling.

I would not want someone who had escaped the communist takeover of Vietnam to be shooting at me.

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