Tuesday, August 05, 2014

AZ;FL;CT:Three Gun v. Knife Incidents in a Day

Gun v. knife defenses are fairly common, but usually the person with the knife realizes that they are outclassed by someone with a gun, and runs away.   To have three such cases where the person with the knife is shot,  in one day, is uncommon.  It may mean that more self defense cases are being covered; it may simply be a statistical fluke.

The most dangerous situation for a defender facing someone with a knife, is to not know that their opponent is armed until they are under assault.  The first case involves alleged defense of another in Phoenix, Arizona, From greenfieldreporter.com:
A 29-year-old woman who was also at the home told investigators she and the deceased victim went to the house and an argument led to the 27-year-old allegedly stabbing the 53-year-old. A 20-year-old man who lives in the home then shot the stabbing suspect, telling police he acted in defense of the other man.
The second case involves potential multiple attackers, one of which pulled out a knife in Wellington, Fl.  From wptv.com:
The homeowner came out and got into a verbal dispute with them.
One of the men threatened him with a knife.

The homeowner pulled out his gun and shot that individual, according to PBSO.
The third case happened in New Haven, CT.  It has only been reported that the shooter says that the knifeman tried to attack him.   The difference in ages is significant.   From wtnh.com:
Police say 23-year-old Leroy Brown was shot in the side of the head by 71-year-old Anthony Anamasi. Police are still working to gather information regarding what may have lead to the gunfire, but authorities add the man who made the 911 call said he had shot man who had tried to attack him with a knife.

Assume that everything that you say on a 911 line will be recorded. Many people, in the emotion aftermath of a shooting, say things that are not as carefully constructed as they need to be to stand up to a prosecutorial assault. Extreme care is required.

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