Monday, August 18, 2014

FL: Couple wins Gunfight with Intruder

The  intruder broke in the back door, which had a deadbolt lock.  He then chased the wife, and started fighting with the husband, who was still in bed when he heard the wife's cries for help.   The intruder, Marquise Trevel  Yates, had a gun, but initially used it as a bludgeon.  It is unclear exactly how many guns were involved, or who fired how often.  From

According to the police report, Coker retrieved his personal firearm and exchanged gunfire with Yates. Coker's wife, Pam, also fired her personal handgun at Yates, who died at the scene.
Later, this is reported:

 “He just wouldn't stop,” Pam Coker said. “The guy wouldn't stop. He just kept fighting. He hit my husband in the head really bad several times (with the gun) and busted his head. So I got our gun and we had to shoot him.”
 Did the couple have two guns, or one?  Did they both shoot?  We cannot be sure.

The investigation is continuing.  The Cokers are in their 50's.

 21 year old Marquise Tevel Yates died at the scene.  Neither of the homeowners or their 7 year old grandson were shot.  

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