Thursday, August 07, 2014

WI: Open Carry Activist Gets Law Changed

The officer on the left pointed his rifle at Mr. Polster, who had broken no laws and had not threatened anyone.

Bill Polster is a second amendment advocate and constitutionalist who has been educating people about their rights to openly carry weapons for years.

A few weeks ago , Calumet County  Sheriff had said that he would enforce a county ban on guns in county parks, even though the State preemption law invalidated it.   Polster carried in the park, and had a rifle pointed at him by a deputy.   All parties remained calm, and fortunately the deputy did not get out of control.   Pointing a gun at someone who is not breaking any law, just exercising their rights, is not a valid response for deputies.   From
County officials met and say they will change their rules. The county’s attorney will write up the new ordinance and from there it will need to be approved by county board.

For now, the sheriff’s department will not enforce the current ordinance.

Here is the full video of the event.  It is about 17 minutes long, most of it is, literally, a walk in the park.   The action with the deputies starts about 11:40.

Link to open carry video:

Most people would be irate if another person pointed a rifle at them for no good reason.  The incident is particularly noteworthy when you consider that a Phoenix news anchor said that people who saw someone with a rifle on their shoulder would have justification to "blow them away".

It appears that Mr. Polster's activism is working.

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