Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dave Workman: Oregon victim advocate’s op-ed rebuts anti-self-defense camp

n Oregon-based crime victims advocate authored an opinion piece in today’s Salem Statesman-Journal that carries a devastating message for anti-gunners, and also delivers a verbal knuckle bruising punch to a 30-second video message produced recently by anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown for Gun Safety” lobbying group.

Rachel Lucas, executive director of Safer Oregon – Oregon Crime Victims for Self Protection noted how she saw the Bloomberg group’s video aired on “The View,” and how it elicited a reaction from three of the four women panelists that the gun ban crowd probably did not expect. They, like Lucas, had “faced real life-threatening situations where their lives, and in some cases, their children's lives, were in real danger.”

More here at Seattle Gun Rights Examiner

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Wireless.Phil said...

My free Wifi to slow to see it, and I stopped watching that show yeard ago. Only watched it cause nothing else was on. Then the pannel changed, so I gave it up.