Wednesday, August 06, 2014

MO: Dog shot during home invasion

I am surprised more dogs are not shot during home invasions.   Maybe home invaders tend to invade homes without dogs.   The reporting is tantalizingly vauge in this article from
NewsChannel 5 has learned the intruder forced his way inside four-unit building and made his way up some stairs. The resident of the home fired five to seven shots. The suspect ran from the scene. The victim says he thinks he might recognize the suspect's voice but isn't certain.


 The victim was not injured. Authorities say a dog was shot and injured by the crossfire and ran away from the home.
"Crossfire" indicates that there was a gunfight, yet the article never mentions that the intruder had a weapon or fired it.

Was the dog defending the house when it was hit?

We will probably never find out, but dogs act as alarms and a front line defense force.

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