Monday, August 25, 2014

Big Bobcat Killed by Top Predator in Florida

A Florida man demonstrated humans occupation of the top predator spot by shooting a big bobcat that had lost its fear of men.   The big cat was killing and eating a chicken a day for a month, and killed the last one just feet from the man  and his children.

Florida Farm Where Bobcat Killed 30 Chickens

"Saturday evening we were sitting in the hot tub and right there, you see the feather on the ground? The cat came out of nowhere, killed a chicken right in front of us, like 8 feet away. Just splattered blood and feathers right in our face," said Nail. "No fear of man whatsoever."
I had a similar, but more benign situation occur at  my place in Arizona.   A Kit fox wandered near my children and I as we sat in the hot tub just feet away.  I have no chickens there, but I wonder if a hot tub might  be a good "blind" to hunt from...   All you need is a source of power, water, cleaning supplies, mild weather...   In my case, the Kit fox was more fun to watch, and represented no threat.

A bobcat this big could well be a threat to small children, and 30 chickens are worth considering as well.    People gained the top of the food chain through hard work.   It is bad policy to allow other species to consider that they occupy the spot.   Bad for them, bad for the people they interact with.

Ronnie Nail picked an excellent tool for the job he had to do:

It appears to be a Benelli 12 gauge, an excellent choice to stop a marauding bobcat.    While no loads are mentioned, anything from number 2 shot up would be a good choice.

In the comments at the article, one person who has not thought the situation through wishes death for Ronnie Nail.

We all die, men, bobcats, and chickens.    If the homicidal poster thinks it wrong for Ronnie to kill the bobcat, why was it not wrong for the bobcat to kill the chickens, or for the chickens to kill the bugs and ticks that they eat while free ranging on Ronnie's farm?   It is as natural for men to kill bobcats and chickens as it is for chickens to kill ticks.

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Schreven Valle said...

Hey! Good shootin' That is one HUGE cat. Bobcats are showing up all over Eastern New Mexico. Big uns!