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PA:Why People Carry a Gun When Answering the Door

Numerous people have criticized homeowners  for having a gun in their hand or on their person when answering a door.   I have always maintained that it is only prudent to do so.   Home security systems can be very useful, of course.   A standoff barrier, such as my old friend, Tex Ferguson, the highly decorated combat vet and intelligence operative used, works very well, as do surveillance cameras.  Not everyone has such a system in place, or working, all the time.   In any case, surveillance and standoff systems work best when backed up by armed force.  I have reported numerous cases where armed homeowners prevailed against criminal attackers; and even a few cases where armed homeowners prevailed in court against police invaders.   There are even a couple of rare cases where police officers have shot and killed homeowners, simply because the homeowner was armed.

The following incident resulted in the death of a criminal home invader.  From the

The incident occurred around 1:27 a.m. July 28, when Daryl Marquis Evans, 22, knocked on the door of the home and displayed a handgun when the front door was opened by a 29-year-old resident, according to the press release. Police later determined Evans was carrying a Taurus PT 911 9mm handgun. The resident was also armed, with a .40-caliber Smith and Wesson in his waistband, which he brought with him to answer the door due to the late hour, the district attorney’s office said.
The homeowner made the evaluation that defense instructors suggest.  "Does this attacker intend to kill or severely injure me, even if I comply?"
“Based on Evans’ appearance and actions, the resident feared that Evans was going to kill him. The resident pulled his .40 caliber, Smith & Wesson semi-automatic handgun from beneath his shirt and fired (6) shots striking Evans in the chest, pelvis and the leg,” the press release states.
 Action beats reaction.  Evans already had a long criminal history at age 22.  One has to wonder how many crimes the homeowner  prevented by acting to preserve his own life.

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