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FL: Man Wins Gunfight with Teen Gang Member

Tree struck by bullet in gunfight

Gunfights at close range often result in both participants being hit.  It takes time for bullet wounds to take effect.   In this incident in Florida, we do not know the calibers, other than both participants were using handguns.   The intended victim, Virgis Canteen, is 43.   The 14 year old gang member, Davion Smith, had been convicted of armed robbery twice since he was 12.   They had a history.   Canteen had accused Davion Smith of burglarizing his apartment.  Both participants were hit several times.    From the

Canteen also had a handgun and, according to Canteen, the teen began shooting at him first, striking him several times in the "upper extremities," police spokesman Sgt. Gary Gross said in a report.

Canteen said he returned fire, striking the teen "numerous times."
If you are a hardened criminal by age 14, the chances of rehabilitation are very small.   Davion Smith, 14, is dead, and Virgis Canteen is in the hospital, condition unknown.   That seems a preferable outcome to Canteen being killed and Smith continuing to victimize innumerable other people for an unknown period.

We do not know what Virgis Canteen's history is.   A comment at says that he was robbed and shot in his home 4 years ago.   Another comment says that was at a different place.   One neighbor says:
"He looks out for everybody," she said. "He didn't bother nobody."
Davion Smith's brother, Bayshawn Kelly, was shot and wounded in April in a drive by that was gang related.   He was arrested later this year as a suspect in another drive-by.   His cousin, Shyhiem Morris, was wounded in May.   It sounds as though Northwest Lakeland is firmly in the "modern frontier" of fatherless gang members.

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