Friday, October 17, 2014

.22 Teaser in Oklahoma

I was traveling South on Highway 75 in Atoka, Oklahoma, when I saw the sign pictured above.   I couldn't resist stopping and finding out if it were true.  I have been saying that  the ammunition bubble was going to pop, and I have been seeing a bit more .22 ammunition available than a few months ago.

The sign was for  The Pawn Ticket, and it was open.

Once inside, I was informed that they had run out of .22 ammunition the day before.   They were selling it for $85 a brick (500 rounds) or $10 for a box of 50.   Those prices are a bit high.   I have seen .22 ammo in a gun store in Yuma, Arizona, for $3.19 a box of 50 just a month ago.

The shop has only been open for a year.   They had a nice selection of used guns, but I had miles to go and commitments to keep.

About twice as many guns were stored in a more secure room.  A customer posed for the photo.

I wish them the best of luck.   Starting a new business is never easy.

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