Friday, October 31, 2014

Gary Marbut is Running in Montana

For those of you who do not know Gary Marbut, I can tell you about him.  He is an activist who believes in the what he is doing, and he believes in restoring limits on government power.   He is smart, dedicated, and a visionary.    I wish that we had a hundred or a thousand of him running in Arizona.  Maybe there are in the rest of the country.

I know of him as a second amendment activist.   He is personally responsible for most of the reform that has been done in Montana firearms law.   He virtually created the Montana Shooting Sports Association, built it up, made it into a potent political force in Montana, and pushed through the reforms of the last few years.   He pushed for and got, constitutional carry for most of Montana, and came within a gnat's whiskers of getting it for the whole state.

He started the state nullification of federal firearms movement that has got laws passed in several states.   His understanding of the state legislative process, where the levers of power are, and how to push them, are outstanding.   He has written 64 bills that have been passed by the legislature.

Now he has a real chance to break through to inside the political machine.  He is running in district 94, where he lives.   Gary gives us an update here.

I would vote for Gary in an instant, if I lived in District 94.   He is running as an independent, against an incumbent, disarmenter Democrat.

 Definition of a disarmenter

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