Thursday, October 30, 2014

TX: Two Women Suspects Survive Buckshot Wounds

 A couple of minutes later came the call that the would-be burglars were in his home, and that he had a shotgun loaded with buckshot ammo.


Deputies found two women-- one 17 years old and the other in her mid-20's --- both shot in the torso. The older suspect was still in the house, while the teen ran into the street and collapsed.

Lt. Walter Stensland said it's the first encounter he's had with a case involving two female suspects, certainly suspects shot while allegedly committing a burglary

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1 comment:

Wireless.Phil said...

Wait a minute.

Since when do they use Buckshot to hunt and kill deer?

Is the reporter that stupid?

We use a slug in our shotguns shells here in Ohio!

They only recently allowed handgun ammo in long guns for hunting.