Saturday, October 25, 2014

FL: 500 lb Bear Shot in Home

Black bears are large, potentially dangerous animals.  A retired wildlife officer was forced to shoot one in his Florida home on 22 October, in Lake County.

The bear broke though a window and entered the home.   When the man yelled at it, it turned and came toward him.  That is when he fired, at a distance that he estimated at 10 feet.


“I was very scared. I figured when I yelled it would take off, but it didn’t. It just looked right at me and started coming toward the window, where I was at, so that’s when I fired,” Peters said.

The bear was a very large black bear, weighing 500 lbs.

When officers dragged the bear from the house, it left a large blood trail.

The area where the bear was shot was trashed.

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Update: The bear was shot with a Marlin lever action rifle, chambered in 45-70.


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Wireless.Phil said...

And the game warden got the meat, saying it has to be tested.

They should offer it to the homeowner!

I say this because I had bear once and liked it.